Natural ceramic building blocks

Domenech is a Spanish family company dedicated to the manufacture and design of scale models of emblematic buildings and decorative mosaics for over 70 years.

Years of experience in the traditional method of producing natural ceramic components on various scales is part of the company's success. The kits are also characterized by the use of high-quality keys and offer an excellent level of quality. At Domenech, attention to detail is paramount in order to offer customers worldwide unique and high-quality products.

Construction Kit's with ceramic bricks

High-quality 3D ceramic building block models
Block Cuit model kits allow you to recreate buildings and architectural monuments from different eras and periods using kiln-fired, pre-colored ceramic stones and bricks.

3D ceramic building block models in a scale of 1:87
The Block Cuit range also includes a large selection of models in 1:87 scale / HO for model landscape and model railway fans.

Step by step to the finished model
Start with a cardboard structure over the base, build the roof with wooden sticks and add the ceramics brick by brick to complete the structure.

Mosaic sets with ceramic stones

Artistic ceramic mosaics
Cuit mosaics are real works of art. Made from the finest materials and available in a variety of designs, they add a touch of elegance and style to any room. Whether as wall decoration, floor covering or accent in bathrooms and kitchens - our mosaics are versatile and ensure a unique look.

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