The card game with social media stars

Doc Felix versus the cat Sonya versus Elon Musk: In the card game Battle of the Influencers, everything revolves around social media stars. The makers want to bring young and old together at one table and thus reduce the amount of time people waste alone in front of the screen.

Battle of the Influencers is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn card game that will keep you entertained with 32 visually stunning characters and their surprising facts and figures. It's the modern version of trump or quartet cards, spiced up with 4 special action cards and 2 blank cards to write yourself for even more fun.

Battle of the Influencers is a classic quartet. Instead of cars, the focus is on celebrities. Instead of cubic capacity and horsepower we compare followers and crazyness factor. In addition, an explanation is printed on each card. This tells everyone who they are looking at, even those who don't actually know. Many people know Elon Musk. But does that also apply to Condsty? His card reads:

«The Austrian Christoph Brückner creates 3D figures, optical illusions and animals to imitate. He wants to encourage the younger generation to draw. His videos are often created in the mornings to have more time for his daughters.»

Family game, party game or media education:

This one connects generations: In addition to playing among peers, it also aims to promote dialog between young and old: here, parents, grandparents and even teachers learn more about who's hot these days and what the trends and role models are. A good way to start an exciting discussion or just to have fun.

SCREEN OFF - FUN ON: Discover 32 most interesting influencers from all over the world in 8 categories and let them compete against each other. This is how Instagram, TikTok and YouTube become analog and, above all, shared fun! Modern social game

SIMPLE RULES, STRONG ENTERTAINMENT: 3 laying games in one: quartet, trump and guessing game in combination with QR code. With innovative action cards for even more interaction.

FROM FUN TO EDUCATION: Simple pastime or start an exciting discussion about media usage at home and for teachers at school.

HIGH QUALITY, CLIMANEUTRAL AND 100% MADE IN GERMANY: The game was developed by 2 fathers and produced in Germany by a family business. Environmentally friendly(es) paper, C02 neutral printed (Climate Partner), FSC certified paper and plastic free packaging.

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