Mr. Playwood

Mr.PLAYWOOD - is a young and innovative brand from Ukraine that produces educational, environmentally friendly and entertaining mechanical model kits. Playwood's fantasy universe includes different and unique models such as a microscope, the Tower Bridge or a pedestrian bridge, an elephant, a carousel, a globe as well as money boxes or boxes of tricks with secret compartments. The models are sophisticated and yet easy to assemble and are fun as finished models and also look cool as home decoration.

The team behind the original models of Mr. Playwood consists of designers, engineers and educators in the Ukraine, who are responsible for the development and design of mechanical model kits, as well as the production of more than 60,000 kits per month. Mr. Playwood is committed to creating compelling, innovative, scientifically accurate model kits that challenge people of all ages to explore the mix of science, design and technology in the real world.
Mr. Playwood is a green company with a mission to use sustainable and natural resources as much as possible.

Who is Mr. Playwood?

Mr. Playwood has been creating sketches and drafts of wooden structures all his life. The possibility that anyone can now assemble and admire these models with their own hands is very impressive. Each model consists of three elements:

The packaging design is exceptionally packaged as a gift box. An artistic cover, colorful illustrations and a story to read the story of the inventor of the included model. You can also shake it and listen to it and try to guess what's in the box.

The assembled kinetic wooden models will surprise you and others. The unusual ideas, large scales and unique mechanisms. The details of each model are a step towards a new discovery.

It is a miracle when something new grows out of a tree. It can be turned or moved and thus appears almost alive. The special wooden models work like marvels.

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