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This money box in the form of a snail is a 3D wooden model which has to be assembled with the 83 parts included.

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The Snail Moneybox in the shape of a snail is not just a simple money box. With a single press of a button, you can set a mechanism in motion that devours the coin deposited on a platform in a top-secret storage place.

This wooden model kit from Mr. Playwood is more than just a mechanical money-money sell. After assembling you have a fully functional money box with swallowing mechanism and secret compartment for your coins

All models by Mr. Playwood are packed in a beautiful gift box.

Age recommendation: from 14 years

Number of parts: 83

Model size: 20.0 x 17.0 x 19.50 cm

Simple assembly without any glue (possibly small pliers and cutter / penknife recommended.

Contents: Sanded plywood, elastic thread, acrylic piece, wax, wooden axes and a picture by picture build

This kit is characterized by natural materials, which are assembled without glue. All components are already laser-cut and ready for assembly after being cut out of the sanded plywood panel. The detailed instructions with pictures facilitate the easy assembly step by step.


Please note:

The assembly requires some handy skills, since the partly filigree components have to be joined together with controlled force from time to time. If the procedure is too careless or rough, individual parts can be irreparably damaged. As with other model parts, the same applies here as with other model parts: "Look closely at the instructions, less force, more patience and a more precise procedure".

History of this model

One of the first inventions of six year old Mr. Playwood. The young inventor was inspired by the family's favorite pet - a giant snail called Slipper.
Slipper, which served as a prototype for the money box, is known for its hideous temperament. Slipper once went on the run, insulted by his master. He covered three cubits in twenty-four hours and did not agree to return home until after Mr. Playwood had promised to feed him fine grapes daily.
The box was used by Mr. Playwood to store seeds that the people of the big tree used as currency. Later, when an old treasure buried under the roots of the large tree was discovered, gold coins found in it were also kept in the snail money box.
The box was originally equipped with an anti-theft system. However, Mr. Playwood had to abandon the mechanism after nearly losing a finger that was stuck in the cunning trap.
One of the versions of the money box had a false bottom - Mr. Playwood used it to hide the blueprints of his most secret inventions.
The side walls of the snail money box are made of sun-burned transparent resin that was harvested from the eastern branches of the large tree. This material takes two to five weeks to manufacture and is associated with high risk.
After the snail money box became widespread among the trunks living on the big tree, it became an obligatory gift that a groom offers his chosen bride. Should the girl refuse the application, she will empty the contents of the box on the head of the unfortunate applicant.
The snail money box was kidnapped twice by Mr. Playwood. The first time it was stolen by a nomad named Red Beard. As a punishment, the tribal leaders sentenced him to three months of community service on a nut farm. The second time the spadose was snatched by the giant bird Ruakh that lives in the upper branches, and Mr. Playwood could only get his property back with the present of the shotgun.

Notes on the manufacturer:

Mr. Playwood - is a young and innovative brand from Ukraine that produces environmentally friendly, educational and entertaining mechanical model kits. The imaginative range includes unique models such as a snail money box, a microscope, an elephant, globe or replicas of a pedestrian bridge or the Tower Bridge. All models that can be assembled easily and without glue and look really cool when set up.
The team responsible for developing and manufacturing Mr. Playwood's models consists of designers, engineers and educators in Kharkiv. The goal is to develop models that are convincing, innovative and scientifically accurate. They are intended to challenge all age groups to experience the mixture of science, design and technology and to research and discover together with family or friends.
The company is also committed to the mission to use natural resources as much as possible and to produce them in an environmentally friendly manner. Each kit is tested prior to appearance so that it can be safely assembled without glue.

Background to the company name Mr. Playwood

Mr. Playwood has been creating sketches and drafts of wooden structures all his life. The possibility that anyone can now assemble these models with their own hands and admire them is very impressive.

Each model consists of three elements

The packaging design is exceptional. You can shake it and listen to it. It's fascinating to guess what's in here.

The assembled kinetic wooden models will surprise you and others. Unusual ideas, large scales and unique mechanisms. The details of each model are a step towards a new discovery.

It is a miracle when something new grows out of a tree. It can be turned or moved and thus almost comes to life. It's almost a miracle.


Not suitable for children under 3 years as small parts can be swallowed.

Age from: 14 Jahren
Product weight: 1,410 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 30,20 × 28,00 × 4,30 cm
Model scale:
Model weight:1.410 Kg
Model dimensions: (width x height x depth):20,00 x 17,00 x 20,00 cm

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