Quaggle® - The Strategic Balance Game

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QUAGGLE is an exciting, fast-paced and extremely addicting balancing game.


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QUAGGLE is an exciting, fast-paced and extremely addicting balancing game.

Everyone wants to win the game, but they also want to build as large a structure as possible, just to see how crazy it can get.

Draw a card and see which figure you need to place. There are also 3 «Wildcards». Collect points for every figure placed and win bonus points! But be careful and do not destroy the structure or you will lose points.


Age recommendation: from 5 years

Number of players: 2 - 12 players

Duration: 1 - 20 minutes per round


Game content:

  • 2 red wooden basic figures
  • 12 white play figures
  • 10 gray play figures
  • 3 yellow wild card game figures
  • 1 set of playing Cards
  • Free app for iOS & Android (not mandatory)


Stack or connect part by part in every conceivable way by interlocking, hooking, hanging or simply laying them on top of each other part by part so that the stack is always bigger and connected with more parts.

Every structure is unique, every game is different. Every newly built structure was worth every step of the way.

PLAYING THE GAME: Alternately draw a card and stack the figure shown on the pile. So the structure grows bit by bit until one person brings everything down!


QUAGGLE is a technical masterpiece that combines art, design and physics to make it the ultimate stacking game. This deluxe stacking game is suitable for all ages. It improves hand-eye coordination and develops fine motor skills, making it a real STEAM or MINT game.

QUAGGLE is an exciting, fast-paced and extremely addicting balancing game.

QUAGGLE is made of solid wood.

NEVER GET BORED! Guaranteed not to gather dust in your closet.


Even more QUAGGLE fun with the free app

QUAGGLE is very exciting in itself as a game. You can tap the full potential of the game with the free Quaggle Timer App (iOS and Android). In addition, exciting gaming fun for up to 12 people.

The APP has different game modes, mode 1. Is a unique timer and mode 2. Is a player scoreboard on which the game times can be tracked.


4 game variants



  •  With Cards
  •  2 - 6 Players
  •  5 - 15 minutes per lap
  •  Intensity level: Medium
  •  The winner is whoever has the most cards


  •  no maps and no app
  •  2 - 8 Players
  •  5 - 20 minutes
  •  Intensity level: low
  •  No winner


  •  With the unique QUAGGLE app
  •  2 - 12 Players
  •  1 - 5 minutes
  •  Intensity level: high
  •  The winner is who is last in the game


  •  With the unique QUAGGLE app
  •  2 - 6 Players
  •  2 - 10 minutes
  •  Intensity Level: High
  •  The winner is whoever has the least amount of time

Age from: 5 years
Product weight: 0,929 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 20,50 × 2.700,00 × 5,20 cm

Original Video - Funsparks Quaggle

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