Strawbees - Coding & Robotics School iKt

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Designed for little and big kids, ages 10-16

Lehrplan 21: Zyklus 2 und 3 and Sek 2 & Teritarian Level

Contains 1630 pieces (See screen for details) and 1 Booklet (English)


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Connect straws to creative constructions

Small, large and mobile objects can be built from straws or cardboard elements using the STRAWBEES (plug-in connection parts).

The STRAWBEES Coding & Robotics School Kit is a favorite in classrooms, makerspaces, and science centers around the world. The kit comes with 1630 pieces, including 800 connectors, 600 construction pipes (straws), 12 organizer boxes, 12 circuit boards (with built-in rechargeable batteries), 12 servo motors, 36 servo motor arms, 24 servo motor mounts, 12 micro-USB cables, 12 light sensors, 72 LED lights, and 24 alligator clips.

It offers limitless possibilities for both collaborative and independent building, and comes with easy-to-follow downloadable lesson plans.

The Coding & Robotics designed for classes of up to 30 students, ages 10-16.

Experiment with Flow, Blockly, Block/Scratch, and Text programming to build creations that light up, move, and more

STRAWBEES is a multi-award-winning, feather-light construction toy for children of all ages from (6) years upwards.

1630 piece construction set with instructions.

  • 600 Construcion pipes
  • 800 STRAWBEES connectors
  • 12 organizer boxes
  • 12 circuit boards (with built-in rechargeable batteries)
  • 12 servo motors
  • 36 servo motor arms
  • 24 servo motor mounts
  • 12 micro-USB cables
  • 12 light sensors
  • 72 LED lights
  • 24 alligator clips

Online Learning Platform: STEM Learning for the Classroom and Beyond

Strawbees kits are supported by an online learning platform that was developed with feedback from teachers and offers lesson plans that include:

  • Recommended activities for skills development
  • Guiding questions to enhance learning
  • Ideas for shepherding group dynamics and team learning
  • Adaptable learning objectives to help with assessment

While Strawbees lesson plans can be used as-is, they also invite innovation. Each lesson is designed to be agile and Strawbees wholeheartedly encourages creative adaptations of the curriculum. Strawbees lesson plans are meant to be informed starting points for teachers to meet the unique needs and interests of each class. Try new things, build on these ideas, and share what you discover!

Project-Based Learning - Engage students with Flow, Block/Scratch, and Text programming to build interactive projects.

Easy Lesson Plans - Download lesson plans or use the kit can straight out of the box for open-ended building.

Unlimited Fun Connectors and straws are reusable, so when you’re finished building, you can disassemble and start a new project.

Skills Development - Students can practice problem-solving skills through building and modifying increasingly complex structures.

Age from: 10 Jahren
Lehrplan21: Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Sek 2 & Teritär
Product weight: 4,500 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 38,40 × 25,50 × 27,50 cm

Strawbees - Coding & Robotics School Kit Booklet

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Video - Strawbees Create a Robot Racer - English

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