FUNSPARKS is one of the leading manufacturers of sports, trend and action toys in the USA.

FUNSPARKS has been designing, producing and selling dozens of products for indoor and outdoor sports as well as its own patented game with great success for over 10 years.

A large number of games are our own inventions or are classics with a modern touch, all of which are packaged in environmentally friendly materials.

FUNSPARKS toys and games are designed to stimulate creativity, arouse interest and encourage natural curiosity, which are important foundations for lifelong learning.

FUNSPARKS has already received many awards in the American market and is one of the most important manufacturers of indoor and outdoor toys.
Some of the most successful action toy brands include Paddle Game, RingStix, and games like the extremely fun and dangerously addicting stacking game called Quaggle.

FUNSPARKS is committed to being an ethical and responsible toy company that makes quality products you can depend on and has a solid reputation for excellent customer service.

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