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Who is Dodoland

Dodoland is a company from New Zealand where the themes of sustainability, playing together as well as environmental sustainability are writ large.

Dodoland believes in the principle of giving back. Whether it's for local children in need or endangered species, giving back and helping where we can is part of what drives their work.

Dodoland also supports many environmental and animal welfare organizations with the sale of your products.

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Beautiful and sustainable

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Environmentally friendly products

The 100% recyclable products are mostly made of corrugated cardboard (cardboard) ? one of the easiest materials to recycle! The middle layer of the corrugated cardboard is 100% recycled materials.

- Printed with environmentally friendly and non-toxic ink.

- Water soluble and biodegradable non-toxic adhesive

- No plastic packaging

- Dodoland is working to use 100% plastic free products.

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Encourages children to make friends with animals.

Products are intricately designed to highlight and emphasize the unique characteristics as well as the personality of the animal.

The educational "Fun Fact" helps promote awareness in the treatment of animals and their protection.

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EUGY figures for shared building fun and lasting enjoyment!

Watch this example video "how to" how EUGYs are brought to life.

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