Laboludic, a French publisher founded in 2019 that produces beautiful and original games aimed at a wide audience who appreciate games that stimulate curiosity and encourage sharing with family or friends.

Laboludic products are distinguished by their originality, ease of play, design and quality of illustrations.

Laboludic has the following mission

  1. Stimulate exchange
    Encourage interaction between people and generations, in the family circle or among friends. The game creates unforgettable moments of connection and conviviality. Creating connections, stimulating exchange - a vital and meaningful task!
  2. Develop curiosity
    Board games generate interest faster than any other medium. Curiosity is a wonderful engine for learning and exploring. Let's be curious and push the boundaries of ignorance. Let's travel to the limits of our imagination!
  3. Providing a positive view of the world
    Favoring the medium of drawing to depict the beauty of the world, its richness and diversity. Explore the world and be amazed! That's a wonderful

Labloludic's artistic inspiration

Artists inspire us, they bring game ideas to life and beautify Laboludic games. Laboludic is proud of the collaborations with L'Atelier Cartographik, Aurélien Jeanney, Alix d'Ansèlme, Pintachan, Jay Fletcher and Maud Chalmel.

Among the many artists and inventions that fascinate or shape Laboludic game developers, we have selected six that should embody the style of Laboludic games in their own way.
Wes Anderson, E.P. Jacobs, Hayao Miyazaki, Lego, Jules Verne and Chris Ware

It is a goal and a desire to manage to sprinkle a little of their genius over every creation of Laboludic products.


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Eco responsible
From the very beginning of the design process, Laboludic integrates the need to optimize the ecological and environmental impact of production: dimensions of the box, rationalization of the components, choice of materials. Paper and cardboard are the main components of Laboludic games.

French design
Laboludic is a French publisher. Design, development, illustrations and graphics are made in France. Storage and distribution are also located in France. Printing and manufacturing are primarily carried out in Europe. In July 2020, Laboludic joined the ACFJF, the Association des Créateurs et Fabricants de Jouet Français.

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