Save trees by playing with ELI-Tree

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ELI Tree is a new, Swiss board game with sustainability factor.
Save your ELI Tree trees on a journey around the world. Various challenges lurk along the way

ELI Tree is a board game with cards and tree figures. The goal of the game is to get four ELI Trees to safety in the target zone, the first to secure four trees (or in team mode: eight) wins.

Thanks to game cards with many extras, the game remains exciting and the outcome open until the end. You can play the game as a team or all against each other. Your opponents can steal trees or the game can change direction just before the finish. If you don't have card luck, your ELI Tree will go into tree sleep. But don't worry, it goes on and on. Each player can maneuver each tree across the board. This way you can help each other or get in each other's way.

Made in Switzerland

1 tree
is planted per sold game

by the Vivendra Foundation

Play fun
from 8 - 99 years

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