Sand pictures «Made in Germany»

All products of the company Kisabi GmbH are manufactured and processed in our own factory.

The sand is ISO certified and harmless. The packaging as well as the included natural wood spoons complete the extensive sand picture product.

What are children sand pictures?

Sand paintings is like «paint by numbers with sand and without numbers».

Children's sand pictures from KiSaBi are great crafting fun with educational value. They promote creativity, train fine motor skills, awaken new sensory stimuli and stimulate the imagination.

The «artists' sand» is specially produced for KiSaBi in Germany and is certified. It is harmless to health - even if it is accidentally swallowed or gets into the eye.

How do children sand pictures work?

KiSaBi sand pictures consist of an adhesive surface provided cardboard in DIN A4 or for smaller sets DIN A5 format, on which a motif has been machine-scored.

First you carefully peel off the foil of the scribed cardboard with the foil peeler, then the peeled off partial areas are sprinkled with the colored sand of your choice, then you repeat the procedure for the other areas, ready is your own sand picture.

The creation of a sand painting takes no more than 30 minutes.

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