About us

«Get to know amplay AG and discover the magic. Because with our fascination with the world of toys and games and our joy in discovering innovative products, we can give our best to our sales and purchasing, every single day»
Markus Ochsenbein

As a dynamic distribution company based in Lucerne, amplay AG markets classic and innovative toys and games that have strong educational value, are up to the minute and are sustainably produced wherever possible. We inspire both children and adults alike.

Thanks to our many years of experience of the market and the industry, we have an excellent sense of what children want and what parents need, ensuring we can offer our high-quality products to our trading partners. Our drive, our expertise in importing and sales as well as our extensive trading network make us a successful partner for clients and suppliers.

As well as economic aspects such as competitiveness and marketing-oriented pricing and margins, our main focus is on ethical considerations such as a sense of responsibility for the environment, suppliers, clients and consumers. That’s why we only use products that meet the industry’s high safety standards.