PLAKKS - The table soccer game is played with fingers

Plakks is a football board game and enables a completely new way of playing football.

Plakks is a small, fold-out wooden table football game. It sets up in less than a minute and can be played on a table or on the floor.

However, here they score by playing/hitting the ball with your finger.

It is also already played by over 100 professional footballers worldwide. Among others, by Antoine Griezmann (See video).

PLAKKS - The table soccer game is also played in these clubs

The PLAKKS players can be pasted with the jersey colors of your favorite team

You can buy the jerseys of various football teams designed by the manufacturer of PLAKKS, print them on the enclosed pre-cut A4 label sheets and then stick them on the player sticks.

How this works and all available label sheets under Plakks Downloads

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